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We are here to help you to save time and give you access to excellence & reliability.

 We offer high-quality products from trusted sources that we have tested for you.


We take care of your unique orders in the same way we would do it for our family or friends.



Get your Swiss Made FFP2 masks at a convenient price without renouncing to premium quality and excellent service!




We do not know about you, but during the pandemic we spent an awful amount of time searching for good products and masks to protect ourselves and the people around us. We discovered a jungle out there! First of all, it was not really clear how each mask was protecting us and/or others. What was the best type of mask to be used in different situations and ambients. The quality of products ordered was not always up to the expectations. The higher price was not always an indicator of best quality. The description of the mask did not always match with the product. Did you know for example that if a mask is sold as a FFP2 type, but has also the label N95 or KN95...well it is not a certified FFP2 mask? It still might be a good product, but it is missing a certification!

We realised that it was not at all easy to find and buy what we needed.

We changed approach and decided to create something new and  directly to the source, this is how the journey of swissfearless began. 

After accurate researches in Switzlerland and abroad, we finally decided to get in contact with a Swiss masks producer from Ticino. We built a partnership in order to offer you top-quality Swiss-made masks at a convenient price, from the factory directly to you.

We have not stopped there and we are searching and testing new excellent products.



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